Death recording

aaa_ons AAA mortality
aaa_onsicd9 AAA mortality (prior to 2000)
aaa_rupture_ons Ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm (mortality)
anydeath_ons Any cause of mortality
arrest_ons Cardiac arrest mortality
arrest_onsicd9 Cardiac arrest mortality (prior to 2000)
arterial_ons Death by acute arterial thrombosis and other peripheral artery diseases
arterial_onsicd9 Arterial disease mortality (prior to 2000)
cerebral_stroke_ons Cerebral stroke mortality
chd_death_gprd Coronary heart disease death (primary care)
chd_death_ons CHD mortality
chd_death_onsicd9 CHD mortality (prior to 2000)
death_gprd Death (primary care)
haem_stroke_ons Haemorrhagic stroke mortality
haem_stroke_onsicd9 Haemorrhagic stroke mortality (prior to 2000)
hf_ons Heart failure mortality
hf_onsicd9 Heart failure mortality (prior to 2000)
ischaemic_stroke_ons Ischaemic stroke mortality
ischaemic_stroke_onsicd9 Ischaemic stroke mortality (prior to 2000)
isch_stroke_ons Ischaemic stroke mortality
mi_death_gprd Myocardial infarction death (primary care)
mi_ons Myocardial infarction mortality
mi_onsicd9 Myocardial infarction mortality (prior to 2000)
otherdeath_ons Other death
phenotype_scd Sudden cardiac death phenotype
phenotype_ucd Unheralded Coronary Death phenotype
stroke_nos_ons Stroke (unspecified) mortality
stroke_nos_onsicd9 Stroke not otherwise specified mortality (prior to 2000)
subarachnoid_stroke_ons Subarachnoid stroke mortality
sudden_death_gprd Sudden death (primary care)
sudden_death_hes Sudden death (secondary care)
sudden_death_ons Sudden cardiac death mortality
sudden_death_onsicd9 Sudden death mortality (prior to 2000)

Office of National Statistics

cod10_ons Cause of death 10
cod11_ons Cause of death 11
cod12_ons Cause of death 12
cod13_ons Cause of death 13
cod14_ons Cause of death 14
cod15_ons Cause of death 15
cod1_ons Cause of death 1
cod2_ons Cause of death 2
cod3_ons Cause of death 3
cod4_ons Cause of death 4
cod5_ons Cause of death 5
cod6_ons Cause of death 6
cod7_ons Cause of death 7
cod8_ons Cause of death 8
cod9_ons Cause of death 9
cod_ons Underlying cause of death
dod_ons Death of death in ONS

Non-cardiovascular mortality

bleeding_ons Bleeding mortality
bleeding_onsicd9 Bleeding mortality (prior to 2000)
cancer_ons Cancer mortality
cancer_onsicd9 Cancer mortality (prior to 2000)
copd_ons COPD mortality
copd_onsicd9 COPD mortality (prior to 2000)
liver_disease_ons Liver disease mortality
liver_disease_onsicd9 Liver disease mortality (prior to 2000)
lung_cancer_ons Lung cancer mortality
lung_cancer_onsicd9 Lung cancer mortality (prior to 2000)