Admin Admin status
Ethnicityv6 Petient ethnic group (V6)
PatientEthnicity Patient ethnicity
sex Patient gender


ADMD Initial diagnosis
Admitionmethod Admission method
Adm_cons Admitting consultant
Adm_ward Admission ward
Care_by_cardiologist Cardiological care during admission
DateTimearrivalathospital Date/time of admission
Killipclass Killip class
who_call Method of admission

Medical history

CCF Heart failure
COPD Asthma or COPD
CRF Chronic renal failure
CVSD Cerebrovascular disease
dm_new Diabetes
FH_CHD Family history of CHD
nANG_prev Previous angina
nHypertension Hypertension
nLipids Hypercholesterolaemia
nMI_prev Previous AMI
Prev_CABG Previous CABG
Prev_PCI Previous PCI
PVD Peripheral vascular disease
Smoker Smoking status

Drug use (prior to admission)

BetaBL_OA Beta blocker use
Statin_OA Statin use
Thieno_OA Thienopyridine inhibitor use
whasp_gn Where was aspirin / other antiplatelet given

Clinical features and investigations

Creatinine Creatinine
ECG_app ECG determining treatment
ECG_place Place first 12 lead ECG performed
Echo Echocardiography (during admission)
Ejectionfraction Left venticular ejection fraction
Elev_marker Raised cardiac markers
ETT Exercise test (during admission)
Haemoglobin Haemoglobin
HeartRate Heart rate
Height Height
Infarct_site Site of infarction
Location_STEMI Patient location at time of STEMI
Peacktroponin Peak Troponin
PeakCK PeakCK
Perfscan Radionuclide study (during admission)
QRS_complex ECG QRS complex duration
SerumCholesterol Serum cholesterol
Serumglucose Serum glucose
SystolicBP Systolic blood pressure
Trop_assay Troponin assay
Weight Weight

Reperfusion treatment

Datetimeofarrivalofemergencyservices Date/time of arrival of ambulance
Datetimeofarrivaloffirstprofessionalhelp Date/time of arrival of first responder
Datetimeofcallforhelp Date/time of call for help
Datetimeofreperfusiontreatment Date/time of reperfusion treatment
Datetimeofsymptomonset Date/time of symptom onset
Initial_repV7 Initial reperfusion treatment
Just_del Delay before treatment
Nothr_gn Reason reperfusion treatment not given
Primary_rep WasReperfusionAttemptedV6
Secondary_rep Additional reperfusion treatment
Wh_given Where was initial reperfusion treatment given?

Interventional treatment

Int_assessment Assessment at interventional center
Int_procedure Intended reperfusion procedure
Non_intassesment Assessment at non interventional hospital
No_angio Why was no angiogram performed?
No_intervention Why was no intervention performed?
Proc_performed Procedure performed

Drug use (during admission)

Diabetes_discharge Diabetic therapy at discharge
Diabetes_inhosp In patient managment of hyperglycaemia/ diabetes
D_ACEARB Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor or angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB)
d_aldoantag Aldosterone antagonist
d_CaCh Calcium channel blocker
d_fondap Fondaparinux
d_ivBB IV beta blocker
d_ivNO3 IV nitrate
d_iv_2b3a IV 2b/3a agent
D_KChmod Potassium channel modulator
d_LMWH Low molecular weight heparin
d_loop Loop diuretic
d_oralBB Oral beta blocker
d_oralNO3 Oral nitrate
d_thiaz Thiazide diuretic
d_thieno Thienopyridine platelet inhibitor
d_UFH Unfractionated heparin
d_Warfarin Warfarin
Lytic Throbolytic drug

Clinical complications

Arr_outc Outcome of arrest
Arr_rhythm Arrest presenting rhythm
Arr_site Cardiac arrest location
Bleeding Bleeding complications
CardiacarrestdatetimeFIRSTARRESTONLY Date and time of first verified cardiac arrest
Died_inh Death in hospital
Reinfarct Reinfarction

Invasive investigation and treatment

Angio Coronary angiography
Dateofangioperformedlocally Local angio date
Dateoffirstinterventiononsurgeryperformed Local intervention date
DateofReturnetoReferringHospital Date of return to referring hospital
interventional_hosp_procedure Procedure performed at the interventional hospital
int_vent Coronaty intervention
Transferdatefordaycaseinvestigation Daycase transfer date

Lifestyle measures

Diet_advice Dietary advice given during this admission
Smoke_advice Smoking cessation advice given


DateofDischarge Date of discharge
Dis_dest Discharge destination
Followup Followed up by
F_diag Discharge diagnosis
Rehab Cardiac rehabilitation

Drug use (discharge)

ACEI Discharged on angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor or angiotensin receptor blocker
Aldoantag@disch Discharged on an aldosterone antagonist
Aspirin Discharged on aspirin
BBlocker Discharged on beta blocker
Statin Discharged on statin
Thieno@disch Discharged on a thienopyridine inhibitor


AmbulancejobNumber Ambulance Job Number
Apollo Apollo
Artemis Encrypted Hospirtal PCRN
GPPractice GP Code
Hermes Hermes
Index Index
Interventionalcentercode Code for interventional centre
NHSno NHS number
PCT Primary Care Trust
Referralhospitalcode Referring hospital code
SHA Strategic Health Authority
UNID CCAD derived unique record identifier

Central Cardiac Audit Database (CCAD) derived fields

Age Age at admission
Easting Easting
HealthRank HealthRank
HealthScore HealthScore
IMDScore Index of multiple deprivation score
Northing Northing

Office of National Statistics mortality

DateofCensusorDeath Date of census or death
status Life status