Endocrine, nutritional, metabolic


diabcomp_gprd Complications of diabetes (primary care)
diabcomp_hes Complications of diabetes (secondary care)
diabdiag_gprd GP diagnosis of diabetes
diabetes_gprdprod Diabetes medication
diabetes_meds Whether a patient is on diabetes medication
DM_comp Diabetes
dm_gprd Diabetes diagnosis (primary care)
dm_hes Diabetes diagnosis (secondary care)
DM_type_comp Diabetes type (composite)
fasting_plasma_glucose_gprd Fasting plasma glucose (continuous)
fasting_serum_glucose_gprd Fasting serum glucose (continuous)
fhdiab_gprd Family history of diabetes (primary care)
fpsg_comb Fasting plasma glucose including converted fasting serum glucose
glucose_probs_gprd Other specified glucose disorders
gtt_120_gprd Glucose tolerance test (120 min)
gtt_150_gprd Glucose tolerance test (150 min)
gtt_30_gprd Glucose tolerance test (30 min)
gtt_60_gprd Glucose tolerance test (60 min)
gtt_90_gprd Glucose tolerance test (90 min)
gtt_cat_gprd Glucose tolerance test
HbA1c Glycosylated Haemoglobin
HbA1c_cat_gprd Glycosylated Haemoglobin (categorical)
hypergly_gprd Hyperglycaemia diagnosis (primary care)
hypogly_gprd Hypoglycaemia diagnosis (primary care)
phenotype_diabetes Diabetes phenotype
plasma_glucose_gprd Plasma glucose (continuous)
post_prandrial_glucose_gprd Post prandial glucose test
psg_comb Plasma glucose including converted serum glucose
serum_glucose_cat Serum glucose (categorical)
serum_glucose_gprd Serum glucose (continuous)


bariatric_surgery_gprd Bariatric surgery (primary care)
bariatric_surgery_opcs Bariatric surgery procedure
bmi Body mass index (BMI)
obese Obesity classification
obesity_cat_gprd Obesity (category)
obesity_hes Obesity (category) (secondary care)
obes_meds Anti-obesity medications
weight_gprd Weight (primary care)


dyslipid_gprd Diagnosis of dyslipidaemia (primary care)
dyslipid_hes Dyslipidaemia diagnosis (secondary care)
HDL HDL (serum & plasma)
hdl_ldl_ratio_gprd HDL / LDL Cholesterol ratio
HDL_serum_gprd HDL cholesterol (serum)
LDL LDL (serum & plasma)
LDL_plasma_gprd LDL Cholesterol (plasma)
lipid_plasma_nos_gprd Lipids (plasma), not otherwise specified
lipid_regulating_drugs_gprd Lipid lowering medication
lipid_serum_nos_gprd Lipids (serum), not otherwise specified
total_chol_plasma_gprd Total cholesterol (plasma)
total_chol_serum_gprd Total cholesterol (serum)
total_hdl_ratio_gprd Total/HDL Cholesterol ratio
tot_chol_comp Total Cholestorol (composite)
TRI_gprd Triglycerides (serum & plasma)
TRI_plasma_gprd Triglycerides (plasma)
TRI_serum_gprd Triglycerides (serum)

Thyroid disorders

hyperthyroid_gprd Hyperthyroidism diagnosis (primary care)
hyperthyroid_hes Hyperthyroidism diagnosis (secondary care)
hypothyroid_gprd Hypothyroidism diagnosis (primary care)
hypothyroid_hes Hypothyroidism diagnosis (secondary care)

Serum electrolytes

bicarbonate_gprd Serum bicarbonate
calcium_gprd Serum calcium
chloride_gprd Serum chloride
corrected_calcium_gprd Corrected serum calcium
phosphate_gprd Serum phosphate
potassium_gprd Serum potassium
sodium_gprd Serum sodium

Ovarian dysfunction

oestrogens_gprdprod Hormonal replacement therapy Rx (primary care)
polycystic_ovary_gprd Polycystic ovarian syndrome (primary care)
polycystic_ovary_hes Polycystic ovarian syndrome (secondary care)
polycystic_ovary_opcs Procedure for polycystic ovarian syndrome (secondary care)

Metabolic disorders

amyloid_gprd Amyloidosis
amyloid_hes Amyloidosis (secondary care)