birthyear Year of birth


sex_gprd Sex


ethnic_gprd Ethnicity (primary care)
ethnic_hes Ethnic group (secondary care)


depriv_minap Deprivation (disease registry)
imd_rank_gprd IMD Rank
imd_score_gprd IMD Score
ses Deprivation (primary care)
townsend_quintile_gprd Townsend Quintile
townsend_score_gprd Townsend score

Social Situation

marital_status_gprd Marital Status

Health Behaviour

Consultation behaviour

charlson_composite Charlson comorbidity index (from primary and secondary care)
clinical_contact Consultation with clinical contact (primary care)
consult Consultation (primary care)


smoking_cessation_gprd Smoking cessation Rx
smoking_status_composite Smoking status incl. smoking cessation Rx
smoking_status_gprd Smoking Status (primary care)
smoking_status_hes Smoking status (secondary care)
smoking_status_history Long term smoking status (primary care)


alcohol_drinker_composite Drinker status (composite)
alcohol_drinker_gprd Drinking status
alcohol_units Number of units
alcohol_units_cat_gprd Number of units (categorical)

Physical activity

physact_gprd Physical activity (primary care)


diet_gprd Dietary advice (primary care)

Infectious Diseases

Viral hepatitis

hepatitis_gprd Viral hepatitis (primary care)
hepatitis_hes Viral hepatitis (secondary care)

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease

hiv_gprd HIV, AIDS and AIDS-defining diseases (primary care)
hiv_hes HIV, AIDS and AIDS-defining diseases (secondary care)


Malignant neoplasms

cancer_gprd Cancer diagnosis (primary care)
cancer_hes Cancer diagnosis (secondary care)

Diseases of the blood

Chronic anaemia

chronicanaemia_gprd Chronic anaemia (primary care)
chronicanaemia_hes Chronic anaemia (secondary care)

Inflammatory markers

c_reactive_protein_gprd C reactive protein (CRP)
esr_gprd Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)

Chronic anaemia

myelodysplasia_gprd Myelodysplastic syndrome (primary care)
myelodysplasia_hes Myelodysplastic syndrome (secondary care)

Immune disorders

sarcoid_gprd Sarcoidosis (primary care)
sarcoid_hes Sarcoidosis (secondary care)


splenectomy_gprd Splenectomy (primary care)
splenectomy_opcs Splenectomy (secondary care)
transfusion_gprd Blood transfusions (primary care)
transfusion_opcs Blood transfusions (secondary care)

Coagulation tests

aptt_ratio_gprd Activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT) ratio
fibrinogen_gprd Serum fibrinogen
inr_gprd International normalised ratio (INR)
partial_thromboplastin_time_gprd Partial thromboplastin time
prothrombin_time_gprd prothrombin_time_gprd
prothrombin_time_gprd Prothrombin time

Full blood count

basophils_gprd Basophil count
eosinophils_gprd Eosinophil count
haemoglobin_gprd Haemoglobin concentration
lymphocytes_gprd Lymphocyte count
mean_platelet_vol Mean platelet volume
mean_platelet_vol_gprd Mean platelet volume measurement (primary care)
monocytes_gprd Monocyte count
neutrophils_gprd Neutrophil count
platelets_gprd Platelet count
platelet_dist_width_gprd Platelet distribution width
total_wbc_gprd Total blood white cell count


barc_composite CALIBER Bleeding Academic Research Consortium bleeding definition
barc_gprd BARC bleeding classification (primary care)
barc_hes BARC bleeding classification (secondary care)
barc_opcs BARC bleeding classification (procedures)
bleeding_gprd Bleeding (primary care)
bleeding_hes Bleeding (secondary care)
bleeding_opcs Bleeding (procedures)


ferritin_gprd Serum ferritin

Allergic purpura

henoch_diag_gprd Henoch- Schonlein Purpura diagnosis (primary care)
henoch_diag_hes Henoch- Schonlein Purpura diagnosis (secondary care)
henoch_dmard_gprdprod DMARD Rx related to Henoch-Schonlein Purpura
henoch_immunosuppressant_gprdprod Immunosuppressant Rx related to Henoch- Schonlein Purpura


red_cell_folate_gprd Red blood cell folate
serum_folate_gprd Serum folate
serum_iron_gprd Serum iron
total_iron_binding_capacity_gprd Total iron binding capacity
transferrin_saturation_gprd Transferrin saturation
unsaturated_iron_binding_capacity_gprd Unsaturated iron binding capacity
vitamin_b12_gprd Serum vitamin B12

Endocrine, nutritional, metabolic


diabcomp_gprd Complications of diabetes (primary care)
diabcomp_hes Complications of diabetes (secondary care)
diabdiag_gprd GP diagnosis of diabetes
diabetes_gprdprod Diabetes medication
diabetes_meds Whether a patient is on diabetes medication
DM_comp Diabetes
dm_gprd Diabetes diagnosis (primary care)
dm_hes Diabetes diagnosis (secondary care)
DM_type_comp Diabetes type (composite)
fasting_plasma_glucose_gprd Fasting plasma glucose (continuous)
fasting_serum_glucose_gprd Fasting serum glucose (continuous)
fhdiab_gprd Family history of diabetes (primary care)
fpsg_comb Fasting plasma glucose including converted fasting serum glucose
glucose_probs_gprd Other specified glucose disorders
gtt_120_gprd Glucose tolerance test (120 min)
gtt_150_gprd Glucose tolerance test (150 min)
gtt_30_gprd Glucose tolerance test (30 min)
gtt_60_gprd Glucose tolerance test (60 min)
gtt_90_gprd Glucose tolerance test (90 min)
gtt_cat_gprd Glucose tolerance test
HbA1c Glycosylated Haemoglobin
HbA1c_cat_gprd Glycosylated Haemoglobin (categorical)
hypergly_gprd Hyperglycaemia diagnosis (primary care)
hypogly_gprd Hypoglycaemia diagnosis (primary care)
phenotype_diabetes Diabetes phenotype
plasma_glucose_gprd Plasma glucose (continuous)
post_prandrial_glucose_gprd Post prandial glucose test
psg_comb Plasma glucose including converted serum glucose
serum_glucose_cat Serum glucose (categorical)
serum_glucose_gprd Serum glucose (continuous)


bariatric_surgery_gprd Bariatric surgery (primary care)
bariatric_surgery_opcs Bariatric surgery procedure
bmi Body mass index (BMI)
obese Obesity classification
obesity_cat_gprd Obesity (category)
obesity_hes Obesity (category) (secondary care)
obes_meds Anti-obesity medications
weight_gprd Weight (primary care)


dyslipid_gprd Diagnosis of dyslipidaemia (primary care)
dyslipid_hes Dyslipidaemia diagnosis (secondary care)
HDL HDL (serum & plasma)
hdl_ldl_ratio_gprd HDL / LDL Cholesterol ratio
HDL_serum_gprd HDL cholesterol (serum)
LDL LDL (serum & plasma)
LDL_plasma_gprd LDL Cholesterol (plasma)
lipid_plasma_nos_gprd Lipids (plasma), not otherwise specified
lipid_regulating_drugs_gprd Lipid lowering medication
lipid_serum_nos_gprd Lipids (serum), not otherwise specified
total_chol_plasma_gprd Total cholesterol (plasma)
total_chol_serum_gprd Total cholesterol (serum)
total_hdl_ratio_gprd Total/HDL Cholesterol ratio
tot_chol_comp Total Cholestorol (composite)
TRI_gprd Triglycerides (serum & plasma)
TRI_plasma_gprd Triglycerides (plasma)
TRI_serum_gprd Triglycerides (serum)

Thyroid disorders

hyperthyroid_gprd Hyperthyroidism diagnosis (primary care)
hyperthyroid_hes Hyperthyroidism diagnosis (secondary care)
hypothyroid_gprd Hypothyroidism diagnosis (primary care)
hypothyroid_hes Hypothyroidism diagnosis (secondary care)

Serum electrolytes

bicarbonate_gprd Serum bicarbonate
calcium_gprd Serum calcium
chloride_gprd Serum chloride
corrected_calcium_gprd Corrected serum calcium
phosphate_gprd Serum phosphate
potassium_gprd Serum potassium
sodium_gprd Serum sodium

Ovarian dysfunction

oestrogens_gprdprod Hormonal replacement therapy Rx (primary care)
polycystic_ovary_gprd Polycystic ovarian syndrome (primary care)
polycystic_ovary_hes Polycystic ovarian syndrome (secondary care)
polycystic_ovary_opcs Procedure for polycystic ovarian syndrome (secondary care)

Metabolic disorders

amyloid_gprd Amyloidosis
amyloid_hes Amyloidosis (secondary care)

Mental and behavioral disorders


alcoholism_gprd Alcoholism
alcohol_harm_gprd Alcohol-related harm
alcohol_mgmt_gprd Management of alcohol abuse


dementia_drugs Drugs for dementia
dementia_gprd Diagnosis of dementia
dementia_hes Hospital admission for dementia


antipsych_drugs Antipsychotic drugs
schizophrenia_gprd Diagnosis of schizophrenia
schizophrenia_hes Hospital admission for schizophrenia

Other psychotic

psychosis Diagnosis of other psychotic disorders
psychosis_hes Hospital admission for other psychotic disorders

Bipolar disorder

bipolar_drugs Drugs for mania/bipolar disorder
bipolar_gprd Diagnosis of mania/bipolar disorder
bipolar_hes Hospital admission for manic episode / bipolar disorder
bipolar_symp_gprd Manic / bipolar symptoms and signs


depression_diag_gprd Diagnosis of depression (primary care)
depression_diag_hes Diagnosis of depression (secondary care)
depression_history_gprd History of depression (primary care)
depression_symptoms_gprd Depression symptoms and signs
depress_drugs_maoi Antidepressant drugs (MAOI)
depress_drugs_other Antidepressant drugs (other)
depress_drugs_ssri Antidepressant drugs (SSRI)
depress_drugs_tca Antidepressant drugs (TCA)
depress_referral Referral for depression
phq9 PHQ-9 scale

Other mood affective disorders

affective_gprd Diagnosis of affective disorder

Phobia or anxiety

anxiety_drugs Drugs for anxiety and phobia
anxiety_gprd Diagnosis of anxiety
anxiety_phobia_hes Hospital admission for anxiety disorders
anxiety_phobia_symp_gprd Anxiety and phobia symptoms and signs
phobia_gprd Diagnosis of phobia

Reaction to stress, adjustment disorders

acute_stress_gprd Acute stress, stress reaction and adjustment disorders
acute_stress_hes Hospital admission for acute stress reaction and adjustment disorders
stress_symptoms_gprd Stress symptoms

Eating disorders

eating_disorders_gprd Eating disorders (primary care)
eating_disorders_hes Eating disorders (secondary care)

Diseases of the nervous system

Transient Ischaemic attacks

phenotype_tia Transient ischaemic attack phenotype
tia_gprd Transient ischaemic attacks (primary care)
tia_hes Transient ischaemic attacks (secondary care)

Diabetic neuropathy

gprd_ankle_vibr Ankle vibration sense
gprd_la_vibr Left ankle vibration sense
gprd_ra_vibr Right ankle vibration sense

Parkinson disease

parkinson_gprd Parkinson disease diagnosis (primary care)
parkinson_hes Parkinson disease (secondary care)

Sleep disorders

obstruct_sleep_apnoea_gprd Obstructive sleep apnoea
obstruct_sleep_apnoea_hes Obstructive sleep apnoea (secondary care)

Paralytic syndromes

hemiplegia_charlson_gprd Hemiplegia for Charlson index (primary care)
hemiplegia_charlson_hes Hemiplegia for Charlson index (secondary care)

Multiple sclerosis

multiplesclerosis_diag_gprd Multiple sclerosis diagnosis (primary care)
multiplesclerosis_diag_hes Multiple sclerosis diagnosis (secondary care)
multiplesclerosis_dmard_gprdprod DMARD Rx related to multiple sclerosis
phenotype_ms Multiple sclerosis phenotype

Diseases of the eyes and ears

Visual acuity

va_leftcode_gprd Visual acuity in the left eye (primary care)
va_left_gprd Visual acuity in the left eye
va_rightcode_gprd Visual acuity in the right eye (primary care)
va_right_gprd Visual acuity in the right eye

Macular degeneration

maculardegen_gprd Macular degeneration (primary care)
maculardegen_hes Macular degeneration (secondary care)


glaucoma_gprd Glaucoma diagnosis (primary care)
glaucoma_hes Glaucoma diagnosis (secondary care)


phenotype_uveitis Uveitis phenotype
uveitis_diag_gprd Uveitis diagnosis (primary care)
uveitis_diag_hes Uveitis diagnosis (secondary care)
uveitis_dmard_gprdprod DMARD Rx related to uveitis

Circulatory disease


blood_pressure_lowering_medication_gprd Blood pressure lowering medication
bp_cat_gprd Blood pressure category (primary care)
bp_gprd Blood pressure measurement
bp_meds Blood pressure medication (primary care)
ht_comp Composite Hypertension
ht_gprd Hypertension diagnosis (primary care)
ht_hes Hypertension diagnosis (secondary care)
ht_opcs Hypertension drugs during procedure (secondary care)
phenotype_ht Hypertension phenotype
pulse_pressure_gprd Pulse pressure (primary care)

Stable angina

angina_hes Stable angina diagnosis (secondary care)
angina_meds Anti-anginal medication prescription
angina_meds Anti anginal medication (primary care)
angina_minap History of angina in MINAP
angio_anat_nos_gprd Angiogram, unspecified anatomy (primary care)
angio_mod_nos_gprd Contrast radiology study of the heart (primary care)
angio_result_gprd Coronary angiogram results (primary care)
atheroma_tests Atheroma tests (primary care)
cabg_gprd CABG performed (primary care)
cabg_hes CABG performed (secondary care)
cabg_minap History of CABG in MINAP
cabg_opcs Coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG) procedure (secondary care)
chest_pain_gprd Chest pain diagnosis (primary care)
csx Microvascular angina diagnosis (primary care)
ct_angio_gprd CT coronary angiogram results (primary care)
eecg_gprd Exercise ECG results (primary care)
inv_angio_gprd Invasive coronary angiogram results (primary care)
ischaemia_tests Ischaemia tests (primary care)
mr_angio_gprd MR coronary angiogram (primary care)
pci_gprd PCI performed (primary care)
pci_minap History of PCI in MINAP
pci_opcs Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedure (secondary care)
phenotype_sa Stable angina phenotype
radio_scan_gprd Myocardial perfusion scan results (primary care)
recg_gprd Resting ECG results (primary care)
sa_diagnosis_gprd Diagnosis of stable angina (primary care)
sa_sensitive Stable angina, sensitive definition
sa_specific Stable angina specific definition
stress_echo_gprd Stress Echocardiogram results (primary care)

Unstable angina

acs_gprd Acute coronary syndrome (primary care)
acute_ihd_hes Acute ischaemic heart disease (secondary care)
ecg_minap MINAP ECG results
minap_diag MINAP discharge diagnosis
phenotype_ua Unstable angina phenotype
raised_markers_minap MINAP raised markers
uangina_hes Unstable angina diagnosis (secondary care)
uangina_minap Unstable angina admission (disease registry)
unangina_gprd Unstable angina diagnosis (primary care)

Myocardial infarction

any_mi_gprd Any MI (primary care)
arrest_gprd Cardiac arrest diagnosis (primary care)
arrest_hes Cardiac arrest (secondary care)
arrest_opcs Cardiac arrest procedure recorded (secondary care)
cardiac_markers_gprd Cardiac markers (primary care)
ckmb_cat_gprd CK-MB (primary care)
hist_mi_minap History of myocardial infarction (disease registry)
lysis_gprd Thrombolysis recorded (primary care)
lysis_opcs Coronary thrombolysis procedure (secondary care)
minap_lysis MINAP thrombolysis
minap_reperfusion MINAP reperfusion
mi_admit_gprd Hospitalisation for myocardial infarction (primary care)
mi_hes Myocardial infarction (secondary care)
mi_minap Acute myocardial infarction admission (disease registry)
mi_nos_gprd MI Not Otherwise Specified diagnosis (primary care)
myo_infarct_gprd Myocardial infarction and complications (primary care)
myo_infarct_hes Myocardial infarction and complications (secondary care)
nstemi_gprd NSTEMI diagnosis (primary care)
phenotype_mi Myocardial Infarction phenotype
ppci_minap Primary PCI at admission (disease registry)
stemi_gprd STEMI diagnosis (primary care)
troponins_cat_gprd Raised troponins (categorical) (primary care)

Cerebrovascular disease

carotid_angio_gprd Carotid angiogram (primary care)
carotid_endarterectomy_gprd Endarterectomy (primary care)
carotid_endarterectomy_opcs Endarterectomy (procedure)
carotid_us_gprd Carotid ultrasound scan (primary care)
cerebral_ct_gprd Cerebral CT scan (primary care)
cerebral_haem_gprd Cerebral haemorrhage (primary care)
cerebral_procs_opcs Cerebrovascular procedures (secondary care)
cerebral_stroke_hes Cerebral haemorrhage (secondary care)
cerebro_nec_gprd Ischaemic cerebrovascular disease in primary care, not elsewhere classified
cerebro_ops_gprd Cerebrovascular procedures (primary care)
cvd_minap History of cerebrovascular disease (disease registry)
haem_stroke_gprd Haemorrhagic stroke diagnosis (primary care)
haem_stroke_hes Haemorrhagic stroke diagnosis (secondary care)
ischaemic_stroke_gprd Ischaemic stroke (primary care)
ischaemic_stroke_hes Ischaemic stroke diagnosis (secondary care)
ischaem_cvd_hes Ischaemic cerebrovascular disease (secondary care)
ischaem_stroke_hes Ischaemic stroke (secondary care)
phenotype_stroke_intracerebral_haem Intracerebral haemorrhage phenotype
phenotype_stroke_ischaemic Ischaemic stroke phenotype
phenotype_stroke_nos Stroke not elsewhere specified phenotype
phenotype_stroke_subarachnoid Subarachnoid haemorrhage phenotype
stroke_nos_gprd Stroke, type not specified (primary care)
stroke_nos_hes Unspecified stroke diagnosis (secondary care)
stroke_nos_opcs Unspecified stroke procedure (secondary care)

Peripheral arterial disease

aaa_angio_gprd Abdominal aortogram (primary care)
aaa_gprd Abdominal aortic aneurysm (primary care)
aaa_hes Abdominal aortic aneurysm (secondary care)
aaa_ops_gprd Abdominal aortic aneurysm procedures (primary care)
aaa_procs_opcs Abdominal aortic aneurysm procedures (secondary care)
aaa_us_gprd Abdominal aorta ultrasound scan (primary care)
arterial_gprd Acute arterial thrombosis and peripheral vascular diseases (primary care)
arterial_hes Acute arterial thrombosis and peripheral vascular diseases (secondary care)
minap_pvd History of peripheral vascular disease in MINAP
pad_angio_gprd Peripheral arterial disease angiography (primary care)
pad_gprd Other peripheral arterial disease (primary care)
pad_hes Other peripheral arterial disease (secondary care)
pad_ops_gprd Other peripheral arterial disease procedures (primary care)
pad_procs_opcs Other peripheral arterial disease procedures (secondary care)
pad_us_gprd Peripheral arterial disease ultrasound scans (primary care)
phenotype_aaa Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm phenotype
phenotype_pad Peripheral arterial disease phenotype

Other atherosclerotic disease

athero_nec_gprd Atherosclerotic disease, not elsewhere classified (primary care)
athero_nec_hes Atherosclerotic disease, not elsewhere classified, recorded (secondary care)
chd_nos_gprd Coronary heart disease not otherwise specified (primary care)
chd_nos_hes Coronary heart disease not otherwise specified (secondary care)
erfc_cvd_diag_hes Emerging Risk Factors Collaboration CVD diagnosis (secondary care)
fh_chd_gprd Family history of coronary heart disease (primary care)
fh_cvd_gprd Family history of cardiovascular disease (primary care)
fh_cvd_hes Family history of cardiovascular disease (secondary care)
gprd_coronary_procs Coronary artery operations (primary care)
other_coronary_surgery_opcs Coronary artery procedures recorded (secondary care)
phenotype_chd_nos Coronary heart disease phenotype

Heart Failure

echo_gprd Echocardiography (primary care)
hf_gprd Diagnosis of heart failure (primary care)
hf_hes Diagnosis of heart failure (secondary care)
hf_minap History of heart failure (disease registry)
lvef_minap Assessment of left ventricular ejection fraction (disease registry)
phenotype_hf Heart failure phenotype


bradycardia_gprd Bradycardia (primary care)
bradycardia_hes Bradycardia (secondary care)
minap_pulse Pulse rate in MINAP
pulse_ldp_gprd Left dorsalis pedis pulse (primary care)
pulse_lpt_gprd Left posterior tibial pulse (primary care)
pulse_rate_gprd Pulse rate (primary care)
pulse_rdp_gprd Right dorsalis pedis pulse (primary care)
pulse_rpt_gprd Right posterior tibial pulse (primary care)
tachycardia_gprd Tachycardia (primary care)
tachycardia_hes Tachycardia (secondary care)

Cardiac valve disorders

cardiacvalve_gprd Cardiac valve disorders (primary care)
cardiacvalve_hes Cardiac valve disorders (secondary care)


endocarditis_gprd Endocarditis diagnosis (primary care)
endocarditis_hes Endocarditis diagnosis (secondary care)

Venous thromboembolism

dvt_gprd Deep vein thrombosis (primary care)
dvt_hes Deep vein thrombosis (secondary care)
pe_gprd Pulmonary embolism (primary care)
pe_hes Pulmonary embolism (secondary care)

Atrial fibrillation

af_gprd Atrial fibrillation diagnosis (primary care)
af_gprdprod AF Related medication
af_hes Atrial fibrillation diagnosis (secondary care)
af_proc_gprd Atrial fibrillation procedures (primary care)
af_proc_opcs Atrial fibrillation procedures (secondary care)
af_warfarin_digoxin_gprdprod Warfarin or Digoxin prescription
cardiac_surgery_associated_with_af_gprd AF-related cardiac surgery (primary care)
cardiac_surgery_associated_with_af_opcs AF-related cardiac surgery procedures (secondary care)
heartvalve_gprd Heart valve replacement (primary care)
heartvalve_opcs Heart valve replacement procedure (secondary care)
phenotype_af Atrial fibrillation phenotype


hcm_amiod_gprdprod Amiodarone Rx related to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
hcm_arrh_gprd Arrhythmias related to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (primary care)
hcm_aspir_gprdprod Aspirin Rx related to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
hcm_betab_gprdprod Beta blocker Rx related to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
hcm_caantag_gprdprod CCB Rx related to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
hcm_diag_gprd Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy diagnosis (primary care)
hcm_gprd Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (primary care)
hcm_hes Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (secondary care)
hcm_hes Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy diagnosis (secondary care)
hcm_procs_gprd Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy procedures (primary care)
hcm_procs_opcs Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy procedures (secondary care)
hcm_refe_gprd Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy referral to specialist (primary care)
hcm_symp_gprd Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy symptoms (primary care)
hcm_treat_gprd Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy treatment (primary care)
phenotype_hcm Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy phenotype

Cardiovascular drugs

anticoagulants_and_protamine_gprdprod Anticoagulant Rx (primary care)
antiplatelet_drugs_gprdprod Antiplatelet Rx (primary care)
anti_arrhythmic_drugs_gprdprod Anti arrhythmic Rx (primary care)
beta_adrenoceptor_blocking_drugs_gprdprod Beta blocker Rx (primary care)
diuretics_gprdprod Diuretics Rx (primary care)
fibrinolytic_drugs_gprdprod Fibrinolytic Rx (primary care)
hcm_warfa_gprdprod Warfarin Rx related to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
hypertension_and_heart_failure_gprdprod Hypertension and heart failure related Rx (primary care)
lipid_regulating_drugs_gprdprod Lipid regulating Rx (primary care)
nitrates_ccb_antianginal_gprdprod Nitrates / CCB Rx (primary care)
nsaids_gprdprod NSAID Rx (primary care)
positive_inotropic_drugs_gprdprod Positive inotropic Rx (primary care)

Respiratory disease


copd_exac_gprd Exacerbation of COPD (primary care)
copd_gprd COPD diagnosis (primary care)
copd_hes COPD diagnosis (secondary care)
mrc_breath_scale_gprd MRC Breathlessness Scale


influenza_gprd Influenza diagnosis (primary care)
influenza_vacc Influenza vaccination (primary care)

Other respiratory diseases

respiratory_charlson_gprd Respiratory disease for Charlson index (primary care)
respiratory_charlson_hes Respiratory disease for Charlson index (secondary care)

Digestive system diseases

Inflammatory bowel disease

ibd_gprd Inflammatory bowel disease diagnosis (primary care)
ibd_hes Inflammatory bowel disease diagnosis (secondary care)

Cirrhosis of the liver

cirrhosis_gprd Cirrhosis of the liver diagnosis (primary care)
cirrhosis_hes Cirrhosis of the liver diagnosis (secondary care)
pbc_diag_gprd Primary biliary cirrhosis diagnosis (primary care)
pbc_diag_hes Primary biliary cirrhosis diagnosis (secondary care)
pbc_dmard_gprdprod DMARD Rx related to primary biliary cirrhosis
phenotype_pbc Primary biliary cirrhosis phenotype

Liver function tests

albumin_gprd Serum albumin
alt_gprd Alanine transaminase (ALT)
ast_gprd Aspartate transaminase (AST)
bilirubin_gprd Serum total bilirubin
ggt_gprd Gamma glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT)

Liver disease

liver_charlson_gprd Liver disease for Charlson index (primary care)
liver_charlson_hes Liver disease for Charlson index (secondary care)
liver_disease_hes Liver disease diagnosis (secondary care)

Diseases of the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum

pepticulcer_gprd Peptic ulcer (primary care)
pepticulcer_hes Peptic ulcer (secondary care)

Skin and subcutaneous tissue diseases


dermatologist_gprd Referral to dermatology specialist (primary care)
phenotype_psoriasis Psoriasis phenotype
psoriasis_dmard_gprdprod DMARD Rx related to psoriasis (primary care)
psoriasis_gprd Psoriasis and psoriatic arthropathy (primary care)
psoriasis_hes Psoriasis and psoriatic arthropathy (secondary care)
psoriasis_immunosuppressant_gprdprod Immunosuppresssant Rx related to psoriasis (primary care)
psoriasis_othertopic_gprdprod Other Rx related to psoriasis (primary care)

Lupus erythematosus

sle_diag_gprd Systemic lupus erythematosus diagnosis (primary care)
sle_diag_hes Systemic lupus erythematosus diagnosis (secondary care)
sle_dmard_gprdprod DMARX Rx related to systemic lupus erythematosus

Bullous disorders

bullous_diag_gprd Bullous disorder diagnosis (primary care)
bullous_diag_hes Bullous disorder diagnosis (secondary care)
bullous_dmard_gprdprod DMARD Rx related to Bullous disorder
phenotype_bullous Bullous disorders phenotype

Musculoskeletal diseases

Degenerative joint disease

osteoarthritis_gprd Osteoarthritis and spondylosis diagnosis (primary care)
osteoarthritis_hes Osteoarthritis and spondylosis diagnosis (secondary care)

Systemic connective tissue disorders

connective_charlson_gprd Connective tissue disease for Charlson index (primary care)
connective_charlson_hes Connective tissue disease for Charlson index (secondary care)


gout_gprd Gout (primary care)
gout_hes Gout (secondary care)

Rheumatoid arthritis

corticosteroids_gprdprod Corticosteroid prescription (primary care)
corticosteroid_therapy_gprd Corticosteroid therapy (primary care)
dmard_monitoring_gprd Disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARD) monitoring (primary care)
phenotype_ra Rheumatoid arthritis phenotype
ra_diagnosis_gprd Rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis (primary care)
ra_diagnosis_hes Rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis (secondary care)
ra_dmard_gprdprod Disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARD) prescription for rheumatoid arthritis (primary care)
ra_referral_gprd Referral to rheumatologist (primary care)
rheumatoid_factor_gprd Rheumatoid factor measurement (primary care)

Ankylosing spondylitis

ankylosingspond_diag_gprd Ankylosing spondylitis diagnosis (primary care)
ankylosingspond_diag_hes Ankylosing spondylitis diagnosis (secondary care)
ankylosingspond_dmard_gprdprod DMARD Rx related to ankylosing spondylitis

Behcet disease

behcet_diag_gprd Behcet's disease diagnosis (primary care)
behcet_diag_hes Behcet's disease diagnosis (secondary care)
behcet_dmard_gprdprod DMARD Rx related to behcet's disease


dermatomyositis_diag_gprd Dermatomyositis diagnosis (primary care)
dermatomyositis_diag_hes Dermatomyositis diagnosis (secondary care)
dermatomyositis_dmard_gprdprod DMARD Rx related to dermatomyositis

Giant cell arteritis

giantcells_diag_gprd Giant cells diagnosis (primary care)
giantcells_diag_hes Giant cells diagnosis (secondary care)
giantcells_dmard_gprdprod DMARD Rx related to giant cells

Polyarteritis nodosa

polyarternodosa_diag_gprd Polyarteritis nodosa diagnosis (primary care)
polyarternodosa_diag_hes Polyarteritis nodosa diagnosis (secondary care)
polyarternodosa_dmard_gprdprod DMARD Rx related to polyarteritis nodosa

Polymyalgia rheumatica

polymyalgia_diag_gprd Polymyalgia diagnosis (primary care)
polymyalgia_diag_hes Polymyalgia diagnosis (secondary care)
polymyalgia_dmard_gprdprod DMARD Rx related to polymyalgia (primary care)

Sicca syndrome Sjogren

sjogren_diag_gprd DIagnosis of Sjogren's syndrome (primary care)
sjogren_diag_hes DIagnosis of Sjogren's syndrome (secondary care)
sjogren_dmard_gprdprod DMARD Rx related to Sjogren's syndrome

Systemic sclerosis

phenotype_systemic_sclerosis Systemic sclerosis phenotype
sclerosis_diag_gprd Systemic sclerosis diagnosis (primary care)
sclerosis_diag_hes Diagnosis of systemic sclerosis (secondary care)
systsclerosis_dmard_gprdprod DMARD Rx related to systemic sclerosis

Wegener granulomatosis

wegener_diag_gprd Wegener's granulomatosis diagnosis (primary care)
wegener_diag_hes Wegener's granulomatosis diagnosis (secondary care)
wegener_dmard_gprdprod DMARD Rx related to Wegener's disease

Genitourinary system diseases


menopause_diag_gprd Diagnosis of menopause (primary care)

Renal failure

albcrea_gprd Urine albumin / creatinine ratio
ckdstage_composite Chronic Kidney Disease stage (composite)
ckdstage_gprd Chronic Kidney Disease stage (primary care)
crea_gprd Serum creatinine (primary care)
dialysis_gprd Renal dialysis (primary care)
dialysis_opcs Renal dialysis procedure (secondary care)
egfr_ckdepi_gprd Estimated glomerular filtration rate (CKD-EPI formula)
egfr_mdrd_gprd Estimated glomerular filtration rate (MDRD formula)
nephritic_nephrotic_gprd Proteinuric kidney diseases (primary care)
protcrea_gprd Urine protein / creatinine ratio (primary care)
proteinuria_diag_gprd Proteinuria diagnosis (primary care)
proteinuria_dipstick_gprd Proteinuria on dipstick test (primary care)
proteinuria_tested_gprd Record of a proteinuria test performed (primary care)
renal_gprd Renal disease (primary care)
renal_hes Renal disease (secondary care)
urineprot_gprd Measurements of proteinuria (primary care)
urine_alb_gprd Urine albumin concentration (primary care)
urine_crea_gprd Urine creatinine concentration
urine_prot_gprd Urine protein concentration

Pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium

Pregnancy-related conditions

gest_dm_gprd Gestational diabetes (primary care)
gest_dm_hes Gestational diabetes (secondary care)
hyper_preg Hypertension during pregnancy (primary care)
pregnancy_gprd Pregancy recording in primary care
pre_eclamp_gprd Pre-eclampsia (primary care)


Death recording

aaa_ons AAA mortality
aaa_onsicd9 AAA mortality (prior to 2000)
aaa_rupture_ons Ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm (mortality)
anydeath_ons Any cause of mortality
arrest_ons Cardiac arrest mortality
arrest_onsicd9 Cardiac arrest mortality (prior to 2000)
arterial_ons Death by acute arterial thrombosis and other peripheral artery diseases
arterial_onsicd9 Arterial disease mortality (prior to 2000)
cerebral_stroke_ons Cerebral stroke mortality
chd_death_gprd Coronary heart disease death (primary care)
chd_death_ons CHD mortality
chd_death_onsicd9 CHD mortality (prior to 2000)
death_gprd Death (primary care)
haem_stroke_ons Haemorrhagic stroke mortality
haem_stroke_onsicd9 Haemorrhagic stroke mortality (prior to 2000)
hf_ons Heart failure mortality
hf_onsicd9 Heart failure mortality (prior to 2000)
ischaemic_stroke_ons Ischaemic stroke mortality
ischaemic_stroke_onsicd9 Ischaemic stroke mortality (prior to 2000)
isch_stroke_ons Ischaemic stroke mortality
mi_death_gprd Myocardial infarction death (primary care)
mi_ons Myocardial infarction mortality
mi_onsicd9 Myocardial infarction mortality (prior to 2000)
otherdeath_ons Other death
phenotype_scd Sudden cardiac death phenotype
phenotype_ucd Unheralded Coronary Death phenotype
stroke_nos_ons Stroke (unspecified) mortality
stroke_nos_onsicd9 Stroke not otherwise specified mortality (prior to 2000)
subarachnoid_stroke_ons Subarachnoid stroke mortality
sudden_death_gprd Sudden death (primary care)
sudden_death_hes Sudden death (secondary care)
sudden_death_ons Sudden cardiac death mortality
sudden_death_onsicd9 Sudden death mortality (prior to 2000)

Office of National Statistics

cod10_ons Cause of death 10
cod11_ons Cause of death 11
cod12_ons Cause of death 12
cod13_ons Cause of death 13
cod14_ons Cause of death 14
cod15_ons Cause of death 15
cod1_ons Cause of death 1
cod2_ons Cause of death 2
cod3_ons Cause of death 3
cod4_ons Cause of death 4
cod5_ons Cause of death 5
cod6_ons Cause of death 6
cod7_ons Cause of death 7
cod8_ons Cause of death 8
cod9_ons Cause of death 9
cod_ons Underlying cause of death
dod_ons Death of death in ONS

Non-cardiovascular mortality

bleeding_ons Bleeding mortality
bleeding_onsicd9 Bleeding mortality (prior to 2000)
cancer_ons Cancer mortality
cancer_onsicd9 Cancer mortality (prior to 2000)
copd_ons COPD mortality
copd_onsicd9 COPD mortality (prior to 2000)
liver_disease_ons Liver disease mortality
liver_disease_onsicd9 Liver disease mortality (prior to 2000)
lung_cancer_ons Lung cancer mortality
lung_cancer_onsicd9 Lung cancer mortality (prior to 2000)



Admin Admin status
Ethnicityv6 Petient ethnic group (V6)
PatientEthnicity Patient ethnicity
sex Patient gender


ADMD Initial diagnosis
Admitionmethod Admission method
Adm_cons Admitting consultant
Adm_ward Admission ward
Care_by_cardiologist Cardiological care during admission
DateTimearrivalathospital Date/time of admission
Killipclass Killip class
who_call Method of admission

Medical history

CCF Heart failure
COPD Asthma or COPD
CRF Chronic renal failure
CVSD Cerebrovascular disease
dm_new Diabetes
FH_CHD Family history of CHD
nANG_prev Previous angina
nHypertension Hypertension
nLipids Hypercholesterolaemia
nMI_prev Previous AMI
Prev_CABG Previous CABG
Prev_PCI Previous PCI
PVD Peripheral vascular disease
Smoker Smoking status

Drug use (prior to admission)

BetaBL_OA Beta blocker use
Statin_OA Statin use
Thieno_OA Thienopyridine inhibitor use
whasp_gn Where was aspirin / other antiplatelet given

Clinical features and investigations

Creatinine Creatinine
ECG_app ECG determining treatment
ECG_place Place first 12 lead ECG performed
Echo Echocardiography (during admission)
Ejectionfraction Left venticular ejection fraction
Elev_marker Raised cardiac markers
ETT Exercise test (during admission)
Haemoglobin Haemoglobin
HeartRate Heart rate
Height Height
Infarct_site Site of infarction
Location_STEMI Patient location at time of STEMI
Peacktroponin Peak Troponin
PeakCK PeakCK
Perfscan Radionuclide study (during admission)
QRS_complex ECG QRS complex duration
SerumCholesterol Serum cholesterol
Serumglucose Serum glucose
SystolicBP Systolic blood pressure
Trop_assay Troponin assay
Weight Weight

Reperfusion treatment

Datetimeofarrivalofemergencyservices Date/time of arrival of ambulance
Datetimeofarrivaloffirstprofessionalhelp Date/time of arrival of first responder
Datetimeofcallforhelp Date/time of call for help
Datetimeofreperfusiontreatment Date/time of reperfusion treatment
Datetimeofsymptomonset Date/time of symptom onset
Initial_repV7 Initial reperfusion treatment
Just_del Delay before treatment
Nothr_gn Reason reperfusion treatment not given
Primary_rep WasReperfusionAttemptedV6
Secondary_rep Additional reperfusion treatment
Wh_given Where was initial reperfusion treatment given?

Interventional treatment

Int_assessment Assessment at interventional center
Int_procedure Intended reperfusion procedure
Non_intassesment Assessment at non interventional hospital
No_angio Why was no angiogram performed?
No_intervention Why was no intervention performed?
Proc_performed Procedure performed

Drug use (during admission)

Diabetes_discharge Diabetic therapy at discharge
Diabetes_inhosp In patient managment of hyperglycaemia/ diabetes
D_ACEARB Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor or angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB)
d_aldoantag Aldosterone antagonist
d_CaCh Calcium channel blocker
d_fondap Fondaparinux
d_ivBB IV beta blocker
d_ivNO3 IV nitrate
d_iv_2b3a IV 2b/3a agent
D_KChmod Potassium channel modulator
d_LMWH Low molecular weight heparin
d_loop Loop diuretic
d_oralBB Oral beta blocker
d_oralNO3 Oral nitrate
d_thiaz Thiazide diuretic
d_thieno Thienopyridine platelet inhibitor
d_UFH Unfractionated heparin
d_Warfarin Warfarin
Lytic Throbolytic drug

Clinical complications

Arr_outc Outcome of arrest
Arr_rhythm Arrest presenting rhythm
Arr_site Cardiac arrest location
Bleeding Bleeding complications
CardiacarrestdatetimeFIRSTARRESTONLY Date and time of first verified cardiac arrest
Died_inh Death in hospital
Reinfarct Reinfarction

Invasive investigation and treatment

Angio Coronary angiography
Dateofangioperformedlocally Local angio date
Dateoffirstinterventiononsurgeryperformed Local intervention date
DateofReturnetoReferringHospital Date of return to referring hospital
interventional_hosp_procedure Procedure performed at the interventional hospital
int_vent Coronaty intervention
Transferdatefordaycaseinvestigation Daycase transfer date

Lifestyle measures

Diet_advice Dietary advice given during this admission
Smoke_advice Smoking cessation advice given


DateofDischarge Date of discharge
Dis_dest Discharge destination
Followup Followed up by
F_diag Discharge diagnosis
Rehab Cardiac rehabilitation

Drug use (discharge)

ACEI Discharged on angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor or angiotensin receptor blocker
Aldoantag@disch Discharged on an aldosterone antagonist
Aspirin Discharged on aspirin
BBlocker Discharged on beta blocker
Statin Discharged on statin
Thieno@disch Discharged on a thienopyridine inhibitor


AmbulancejobNumber Ambulance Job Number
Apollo Apollo
Artemis Encrypted Hospirtal PCRN
GPPractice GP Code
Hermes Hermes
Index Index
Interventionalcentercode Code for interventional centre
NHSno NHS number
PCT Primary Care Trust
Referralhospitalcode Referring hospital code
SHA Strategic Health Authority
UNID CCAD derived unique record identifier

Central Cardiac Audit Database (CCAD) derived fields

Age Age at admission
Easting Easting
HealthRank HealthRank
HealthScore HealthScore
IMDScore Index of multiple deprivation score
Northing Northing

Office of National Statistics mortality

DateofCensusorDeath Date of census or death
status Life status